The Many Success Stories about Roulette

In the one and a half century that the roulette game now exists, there have been many legends and ghost stories about this game into the world of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. There are stories about roulette wheels that seemed to have magical powers, stories about cheating casinos and croupiers and of course also stories about roulette players who suffered extreme winnings or extreme losses as a result of this game; whether or not as a result of a system they had devised to be able to win from the roulette table.

The Names Behind the Success Story

There are a number of people who can enter the books as actual poker legends and the Spanish roulette player Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, is a very good example of that. Although most roulette legends play in the past, often before the beginning of the 20th century, the story of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is much more recent. In the early 90s of the twentieth century, Gonzalo discovered that some roulette wheels did not have completely random results.

Soon he came to the conclusion that this was due to minor mistakes and damage to the various roulette wheels. For example, in some roulette games, the holes where the ball falls into were not always the same size, or some wheels were not completely level. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo thought he could use this information, as long as he had enough data to see how these things affected specific roulette games. Soon he thought of a way to calculate the results of the different roulette tables.

Winning Requires Discipline

He called in his family, and he and his children traveled to several Spanish casinos to record the results of the different roulette wheels. About five thousand results of each wheel were recorded, and these data were processed by a computer program. In principle, each number should appear 135 times for every 5,000 turns, with a standard deviation of 170. Gonzalo thought that if a certain number fell more than 170 times, this number would be an advantage for him. In a few months time, he won bins of money, but his success finally came to an end when the casinos started to get suspicious. Gonzalo was denied access to most casinos, and several casinos tried to recover the lost money through a lawsuit. Unfortunately for them, the cases were declared inadmissible, and Gonzalo was able to keep his money.

Joseph Jagger wins a total of $2.4 million: He broke the bank of Monte Carlo.

The casino game roulette is famous and notorious all over the world. There are many stories about players who became known because they won a lot of money or because they manipulated the game. A well-known legend when it comes to roulette is the British Joseph Jagger. Joseph Jagger is known as the man who defeated the casino of Monte Carlo and walked out the door with a big bag of money.


Joseph Jagger was born in England in 1830. He became an engineer and worked mainly as a mechanic of machines in a cotton factory. Because he liked to play at the roulette table in the casino, he decided to research his hobby. He discovered that roulette wheels sometimes had an anomaly. This ensured that the results of the wheel were not completely random, and if you studied a roulette wheel carefully, you could discover how you could use it to win.

How Joseph Jagger Proceeded

To confirm his theory, he had to make a plan. For this, he hired six people and went to Monte Carlo together with this group. They all played roulette at different roulette tables in the casino of Monte Carlo and made notes about everything they noticed. After analysing all the notes made by the group, they discovered that one of the roulette tables had a deviation in the roulette wheel. On this wheel, 9 numbers fell more often than other numbers.

At the Table

After a thorough study of the notes, Joseph Jagger sat down at the relevant roulette table. The 9 numbers that fell more often than the other numbers were 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29. Because Joseph Jagger had this information, he could also focus his money on these numbers. As a result, after 3 days of playing, he had already made a profit of more than $120,000. Today that would be about $2.4 million. You can probably imagine how happy Joseph Jagger must have been with this success.

The Casino of Monte Carlo

While Joseph won large sums of money 3 days in a row, the casino was completely empty from a financial point of view. The employees of the casino of Monte Carlo couldn’t find out what the reason was. They suspected Joseph Jagger of cheating and had the roulette tables in the casino changed. At first, this was a success, and Joseph Jagger lost large amounts of money at the table that he thought was the right one. When he realized what was going on, he went to all the roulette tables to investigate where the table had gone where he had won well.

Winning Again, or Not?

It wasn’t long before Joseph Jagger had found the right table again and started playing. This also meant that he won a lot of money again and so he played two more days. The casino decided on a rigorous approach to ensure that their losses were more limited. From that day on, the grids with the squares on the roulette wheel were changed every day. The grids are the squares in which the numbers are visible and in which the ball falls when the roulette wheel has turned.

How it Went

This time the casino was successful, and it became impossible for Joseph Jagger to find out with which roulette table he could best win. He lost another two days in a row and then decided to take his rushes. With a reasonable win, Joseph Jagger returned to England. He stopped working as a mechanic and earned his money as a real estate tycoon.

Brazilian man wins 3.5 million at the Roulette table

Sometimes taking a big risk can cause you a lot of trouble, but if it works out well, then it works out really well. That certainly applied to the Brazilian businessman who won an amount of 3.5 million dollars with a bet of no less than 35,000 thousand dollars. On this video, we see the frenzied man winning his prize after a single turn of the roulette wheel:

Number 32

Pedro Grendene Bartelle took a risk by placing a tower of coins at number 32 of the roulette table in Hotel Conrad on the Uruguayan coast. The ambitious gambler – cousin of billionaire and businessman Alexandre Grendene Bartelle – is a loyal visitor to the high rollers roulette table. Not only Bartelle but also the crowd rebounded when the jackpot fell on the chosen number. Everyone was cheering.

Big Risk

It’s not the first time a player has taken a big risk that works out well. Not long ago, a woman bet 550,000 euros on Hilary Clinton during the elections in the US. The future has shown that this turned out to be less attractive to her. However, you have to be in good shape if you want to be able to take such a risk. In such cases, the saying ‘You have to have money to make money’ is certainly true.

Winning Responsibly

However, it is not only high casters who can win millions of prizes. Even with a low wager, you can win big prizes in the casino. Think, for example of the prizes associated with the jackpot games in various online casinos. As a player with a bet of a few tens, you can already play for various progressive jackpots. In the past, many millions were won by players, sometimes with a bet of a few euros.


Money can be won just as easily as it can be evaporated. If you win a large amount of money, it is wise to get advice. Most organizations provide good guidance when players win a big prize. This is very important. However, our Bartelle seems to know how to deal with a lot of money.

The man who Squatted Roulette in 1970

German-born university professor and medical researcher Richard Jarecki, who cracked roulette in the 1970s, winning millions of dollars in European casinos, took advantage of defective roulette wheels and became legendary among gamblers and a threat to the popular casino facilities in Monte Carlo, Italy, and Las Vegas. Richard Jarecki was born in Germany but grew up in America, where his family was forced to flee by the Nazi party in the 30’s. He studied at Duke University and also the University of Heidelberg in Germany. According to reports from the sixties, he started to win a lot of money with roulette.

In the early sixties, Dr. Jarecki and his wife visited dozens of casinos in Europe and the United States. He was known in Monte Carlo, but also in the casinos in Divonne-Les-Bains, France, Las Vegas, and Baden-Baden, Germany. He was also a regular player in the casino on the Italian Riviera in San Remo, which caused serious losses during his gaming sessions. His fortyune on the roulette table encouraged other gamblers to place the same type of bets and, as a result, casinos still generated large amounts of money.

Jarecki is believed to have been expelled from several casinos and, according to his wife’s report, the Italian authorities were able to deny him access to the country for several months. The Morning Herald quotes the managing director of San Remo, Robert Lardera, who said that in 1969 Jarecki was considered “a threat to every casino in Europe”. His casino profit reportedly amounted to $1.2 million or more than $8 million in today’s money, which is an exceptional amount because roulette is a random game not based on skill. Winning and losing should be a matter of how lucky you are.

How did he Crack the Roulette?

While studying in his homeland, Richard W. Jarecki acknowledged that there had to be a way to winning formula to predict where the ball would land on the roulette wheel. According to news reports from the sixties and seventies, he explained that he had succeeded in doing so and managed to win by developing a statistical model on a computer at the University of London. This was the official version intended for casino owners and employees, but the truth was quite different.

It turned out that in fact Jarecki carefully observed roulette wheels for small imperfections and collected large amounts of data on each table before he started playing. After analyzing the complete information collected by himself and his friends, he successfully exploited these defects in the manufacturing of the wheels and the tables, eventually turning the edge in his favor. These imperfections include manufacturing defects, scratches, wear, unfermented game tables, and more.

While he successfully used this method to win at roulette, he did not invent it. In reality, this strategy was made much earlier, in the 19th century by the English engineer Joseph Jagger. Known as “the man who broke the Monte Carlo bench”, Jagger is the first person to use this system. Others, however, have also abused the mechanical defects of roulette wheels. It was exactly what Richard Jarecki benefited from mechanical aberrations and wear, leading to a preference for certain numbers. After long observation of the ball, he could predict with a high degree of certainty where the ball would then fall.

First Portable Digital Computer Beat Roulette

Sometimes there are stories where things that apparently have nothing to do with each other, still come together as roulette. For example, who would have thought that a winning roulette prediction strategy, a mathematician, a shoe, and the first portable digital computer would have anything to do with each other? The combination of mathematical and roulette or mathematical and digital computer is not so strange yet, but what does this shoe do in the story and how does a winning roulette strategy have to do with the first portable digital computer ever developed? Below you’ll find answers to these questions and one of the more unusual stories in the history of games of chance.

Winning Roulette Prediction System

J. Doyne Farmer is an American scientist and entrepreneur who, together with his childhood friend Norman Packard, also a scientist, founded the Eudaemonic Enterprises during their studies. Their goal was to find a way to beat the roulette game, and with the money they made, they wanted to create a scientific commune. That’s why they bought a roulette wheel with which they set to work in order to find a certain logic in the chaos of the probability calculation around roulette.

After a lot of testing, the gentlemen found out that there’s a time when you can take advantage of the opportunities in the roulette game. As most roulette players will know, roulette allows you to bet until the ball begins to bounce. So you can place a bet if the ball has already been thrown into the wheel, but is only spinning.

The ball keeps spinning for about ten seconds before it bounces into the wheel. They found out that if you can keep track of when the ball has rotated a full circle, you can exclude a large part of the available numbers. This may not sound very special now, but with this information, you can double your chances of winning! From a negative chance of winning, you suddenly go to a positive chance of winning.

First Portable Digital Computer

Now there are a lot of different factors involved if you want to use the spinning of the ball to predict which numbers are likely to fall That’s why it was decided to let a computer do it. They built a simple 3KB computer that they programmed themselves to do the calculations that were needed. In order to make the calculations in a casino, the computer had to be mobile, and since we are talking about the late 70’s, the gentlemen also invented the first portable digital computer.

Now you might wonder what that shoe is doing in the whole story. It has everything to do with the portable computer. After all, it’s not much appreciated in casinos if you walk in there with a computer in your hands to win mountains of money at the roulette table. That’s why the gentlemen came up with an ingenious system to mask their computer. The computer was worn under the jacket and was connected by a cable to a switch in a shoe. Whenever the ball had rotated a full circle, the big toe could be used to move the switch and transmit the data to the computer.

Although the system actually worked almost flawlessly, the gentlemen did not make a lot of money with it. Not because they were caught, but because they always played for small bets so as not to arouse the suspicion of the casino staff. The fear of being kicked out of the house or even of taking a few blows eventually made them decide to quit altogether.

Studying Roulette Tables

In the past, it could happen that a roulette table had an anomaly as in the story of Joseph Jagger. This allowed you to get to know a roulette table well, if you studied it well, and make a profit from it. You knew which numbers fell more often and could thus increase the chances of winning. Nowadays, this is almost impossible because the roulette tables are made with the utmost precision and are also checked regularly.

Our conclusion

If you’re planning on playing roulette, don’t try to study the table to find mistakes. This would be a waste of time, as it takes a very long time to find a roulette wheel with anomaly. And when you’ve found one, and you’re finally going to win some nice money, your roulette wheel will be changed in no time. You better play roulette with a well thought-out roulette strategy. All you need, in addition is a little bit of luck.


Etuja pelaa online pokeria

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